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Passionate about photography, the art of immortalizing the ephemeral moments of life, I live my passion as an amateur photographer follower of street photography. Between the shots in color or in monochrome, my whole vision of the world takes shape. The photo has always allowed me to keep a lasting record of moments in life, a shot for life. My goal is to bring out the beauty of a situation in my pictures.

The love of photography for me is first of all a splendid vision of color, light and reflections. The perfect photo is one that tells a story that the sensor has written and that knows each chapter. Each photograph is a story, each moment of life is a photograph, a picture is better than a thousand words said. Working with photography is for me to interfere in the daily life of a human, to understand it or to try to analyze his moods and his feelings and this is the opportune moment, the decisive moment to press on the trigger.

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