My minimalist approach to photography is first of all a disapproving look at what has become a world of ultra liberal overconsumption. Yes, excessive consumption and especially the purchase of goods that exceed the needs of a single individual makes that the loss of individual staisficationelle is quickly felt.

Going out on the street to document this frantic race towards the most fashionable thing, buying the most innovative gadget makes the street unbearable. I will therefore, via this photographic series, try to approach the street in its most basic aspect; look for the beauty of the most basic lines and colors and why not take a picture of what is considered to be commonplace.

The Moroccan street is full of discoveries, colors and above all lines characteristic of Moroccan culture. My disenchantment with all that is new by its modernist aspect pushes me towards the appropriation of the simplicity of things which by chance has imposed itself as the antimatter of a calculated and desired modernity.