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In The Dark

Photographing the street at night is an approach which consists in seeking a certain light, concentrating on the dark side in order to give more light to the visible part. As a street photographer I have always found a certain pleasure in the difficulty of freezing the moments of the night life. It is not… Read More

On Focus




Daily Life

Photo Walk

  Photo Walk by Agharass #PhotoWalk: دورة خاصة لتصوير الشارع في الرباط #Rabat #StreetPhotography المستوى: جميع المستويات المدة: 2 ساعة السعر: 400 درهم مغربي او 40 دولار امريكي الاتصال :   الدورة عبارة عن دعوة لاكتشاف مدينة الرباط ، إتقان الكاميرا الخاصة بك وقبل كل شيء التغلب على خوفك عند التقاط صورة.    … Read More


Buy a Print

Get stunning wall art and high-quality prints ! A selection of my photographs taken in Morocco are available as high quality prints you can email for details : Matte, Satin or Glossy paper Print titled and signed on reverse. 200 X 300 mm : 300 MAD or 30 USD 300 X 400 mm :… Read More